Red Ribbon Week is Almost Here

With months to go, Red Ribbon Week is almost here – a reason to celebrate. Red Ribbon Week is scheduled to take place during the week of October 23rd to the 31st. And it is up to us to ensure that it is a phenomenal success – and we at Red Ribbon Resources are proud to participate!

Red Ribbon Week is almost here So Reach out for all the right reasons.

What better cause can there be than to reach out to help millions of young Americans lead drug free lives? Can anything rival the joy and satisfaction of knowing that one has made a difference in the life of a youngster who could have easily gone into a tailspin caused by drug and alcohol abuse? To motivate one more youngster to stay away from drugs is to save one more life…one more generation.

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There are innumerable avenues for us to choose from to fulfill our commitments if each one of us is willing to take on the mantle of responsibility. Red Ribbon Week gives us the opportunity to get involved in events or the promotion and distribution of Red Ribbon Week products – with the sole objective of increasing awareness of the pitfalls that are inevitable in substance abuse cases.

Red Ribbon Week products include wristbands, buttons, pens, balloons, bookmarks, banners, flyers, and key tags, among others. Every one of these products carries a ‘drug free’ message. And every time a person uses one of these products, he or she is declaring – “I pledge to be drug free”. As more and more people subscribe to the concept of living a drug free life, they motivate even more people to stay away from drugs.

So let’s focus all our energies on promoting Red Ribbon Week products and activities. Every time we reach out to one more individual, we actually reach out to hundreds more across the US. So let’s all do our bit for a good cause and make that one vital difference to so many lives.

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