The Birth of the Iconic Red Ribbon

The year 1988 heralded the dawn of a new drug free era – the birth of the iconic Red Ribbon. Established in memory of a US DEA agent, Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, who was tortured and brutally murdered by a Mexican drug cartel, the Red Ribbon program swept across US campuses with its anti-drug message and has turned the lives around of thousands of young Americans.

Enrique Kiki CamarenaAfter working undercover for four years in Mexico, Camarena’s efforts had uncovered a multimillion dollar drug manufacturing operation. This earned him the wrath of the Mexican drug barons who wasted no time in wreaking vengeance upon Camarena and other informants. Their revenge was swift and merciless and Camarena and his pilot paid the price for the destruction of several drug manufacturing units.

Subsequently, residents of Camarena’s hometown in California began sporting red ribbons as a mark of respect to him. And to inspire and motivate thousands of youngsters across US campuses to dedicate themselves to leading drug and alcohol free lives. The movement continues even today as all American citizens gear up for the arrival of Red Ribbon Week 2013 – from the 23rd to the 31st of October.

As with all movements for the greater good that have taken the world by storm, the Red Ribbon Week has generated a great deal of interest and excitement with a campaign that covers everything – products, activities, ideas and discussions. And has done so since inception.

Red Ribbon Week 2013 products include student kits, bracelets, self-stick ribbons, banners, water bottles, pencils, school bags and so much more. Every product is designed to look good while proclaiming the users commitment to a life free of drug and alcohol abuse. Each product carries a message that reflects the theme of the campaign and serves to promote the Red Ribbon program across campuses in USA.

Red Ribbon Week activities include rallies, decorations, discussions, distribution of drug awareness information and much more. These activities help bring together parents, teachers, students, communities, etc with one unifying thought – lead a drug free life.

The Red Ribbon program today is instrumental in transforming the lives of young Americans across the nation. With its tireless efforts to increase awareness of the benefits of leading a life free of substance abuse, the program has found a place in the hearts and minds of all Americans. And this year again the Red Ribbon Week will commence with renewed vigor – bringing hope and changing lives.

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