Experience the Joy of being Drug Free

For those whose lives have been destroyed by drugs, it is time to experience the joy of being drug free For those whose lives have been destroyed by drugs, it is time to experience the joy of being drug free – thanks to Red Ribbon Week 2013 that is scheduled to take place during the last week in October.

You may not have used drugs yourself, but if a member of your family or even a close friend, has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, you would know only too well how destructive drugs or alcohol can be. And nothing is as debilitating as watching someone you care for being destroyed by substance abuse.

Encourage others to say ‘no’ to drugs

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Very often, people who have not been able to stay away from substance abuse are actually desperate to get help but don’t know how to ask. Then again, there are those who are desperately trying to fight temptation but are fighting a losing battle.

This is where you can step in and make a difference. And you can have all the resources you need to help you achieve your goal of promoting a drug free life. All you need to do is become an active participant in Red Ribbon Week 2013.

Help kids and teens find the strength to say  “Yes I Can!…Live a Drug-Free Life.”

Red Ribbon Week activities offer you myriad opportunities to get involved in various events in your school, college, workplace, neighborhood and the community at large – the choice is yours.

You can organize discussions and debates; parades and processions; games and competitions. Furthermore, you can ensure increased awareness by inviting the media to attend these events and activities.

In addition to these activities, you can also distribute Red Ribbon Week products among your friends, family and neighbors. You will also have access to literature promoting a drug free life that you can distribute to all those around you. So when you decide to get involved in Red Ribbon Week and all that it entails, know that you will have all the support you need to help make it a success.

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