Paint Your Town Red – It’s a Red Ribbons Decoration Week

Paint your Town Red – it’s Red Ribbons Decoration Week!

We’re getting close to that time of year again – Red Ribbon Week 2013. So paint your town red – it’s Red Ribbons Decoration Week! With less than three months to go till the end of October, a host of activities are being planned to mark Red Ribbon Week. And all the activities are designed to involve every member of the community – students, teachers, parents, organizations, neighborhoods – you name it. It is entirely up to you to decide which activity you’d like to be involved in to show your support for the program and promote the concept of leading a life free of substance abuse.

Decoration is one of the Red Ribbon Week activities that lends itself to a great many innovative ideas. You could do something as simple as placing red ribbons all over your school, neighborhood, stores, front doors, hospitals and even church. Or string up banners that catch the eye in a number of strategic spots. The more areas you place these in, the greater the awareness you’ll generate.

Even the tiniest effort on your part can contribute to the cause of motivating people to lead a drug and alcohol free life. The more people you motivate, the more people will pledge themselves to the cause. Try to involve the local media, civic authorities, youth organizations, not-for-profit organizations, senior citizens associations, educational institutions, etc. As more and more people get galvanized into action the greater the awareness generated. And all this can happen from just one small step that you take.

Red Ribbon Week IdeasRed Ribbon Week Decorations include Red Ribbons,Buttons,Wristbands, Red Ribbon Balloons,Pens,Bookmarks, and Red Ribbon Banners, among others, with a wide range of messages that encourage people to lead a drug free life. Increasing awareness of the perils of substance abuse in turn leads to more and more people pledging to lead a drug and alcohol free life.

So do your bit for the cause – think of the difference you could make to someone’s life by preventing them from going into a downward spiral. All you have to do is help them make this crucial pledge – and help Red Ribbon Week be a success again.

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