A Drug Free Generation – supported by Proactive Parents

Red Ribbon Week is fast approaching – working to create a drug free generation – supported by proactive parents. Because more and more parents are getting involved in the campaign to ensure a society that is free of substance abuse – for their own children and the children of those around them. And for a  drug free generation – supported by Proactive Parents — the message of leading a drug and alcohol free life is spreading far and wide.

Parents like you, who want to make a difference to this and future generations can do so by playing an active role in Red Ribbon Week activities leading up to, and during, the last week in October. There are a multitude of activities that you can contribute to, that help increase awareness and promote the concept of a drug free society.drug free kids

The easiest activity that you can begin with is to reiterate to your children that drug and alcohol consumption are totally forbidden while you explain the perils of substance abuse. Let them know that they will always have your support in the fight for a drug free life. Prove your commitment to the cause by getting involved in activities that focus on Red Ribbon Week.

If you’re good with words, write articles stressing the importance of Red Ribbon Week in your child’s school Parent Newsletter. Or you can join hands with the PTSA to organize Red Ribbon rallies across the school. You can also help the teachers plan fun activities for Red Ribbon Week such as Put a Cap on Drugs (Hat Day), Wear Red Day, Put a Sock on Drugs Day, Be on a Drug Free Team Day, and Shade Out Drugs Day (wear sunglasses) among many other activities.

Red Ribbon Week Ideas for parents also include activities like signing the Red Ribbon Pledge and the Safe Homes Safe Parties pledge – committing yourself to be present at all parties in your home to ensure the absence of drugs and alcohol. Make contact with your children’s friend’s parents and work with them to establish boundaries for the kids to adhere to, and systems to monitor their behavior and activities. Working together with other parents will ensure greater synergy between all the activities planned by all of you.

On a more formal note you can contact local authorities and lobby to have October 23rd to 31st declared as Red Ribbon Week in your community or neighborhood. Or you can distribute Red Ribbons at your place of work and spread the message among your colleagues. The options are extensive and you can always find some activity that interests you. So you can now play a vital role in Red Ribbon Week activities in your community and in your child’s life.

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