Drug Education for Youth

Drug education for youth, knowing why drug use attracts people, is the first step to avoid getting pulled into the drug trap.

There have been many instances where drug use has been brought into a person’s life due to peer pressure. This occurs usually among teens. The combination of peer pressure and a lack of proper information about the dangers and consequences of drug use, often gets weak-willed kids to succumb.

Drug Education for Youth

Drug use can — to a young kid — be exciting, adventurous even. Friends of the target Drug Free pressure them by telling them how “great” it is, and “everyone’s doing it,” and “what are you a baby? Are you afraid?” All these fast-following comments beat down a kids resistance; preying on their sense of worth, ostracizing them from the group unless they join in.

One of the best defenses against peer pressure is for kids and young adults to a strong sense of self; a confidence within themselves that neither needs nor requests confirmation.

This of course is easier said than done.  As parents, it is important to provide your child with room to grow; space to make decisions on their own, and learn from them.  We all want to protect our children. But the reality is that when they face drug use, we’ll very likely not be with them, so their only line if defense is their own level of self-confidence.

There are a lot of resources out there to assist parents, educators, and counselors teach kids how to find their own self confidence, self worth and take command of their feelings and needs.  And this is how we build up their immune system to drugs — by taking away the need for drugs.

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