From Despair to a Drug Free Life

From Despair to a Drug Free Life is possible, and you can help, and make a difference that is lasting. You can help transform the life of an individual into one that is fruitful, productive and happy, by being supportive and compassionate.

Knowledge is power, and awareness begets knowledge.  So the first step to helping is to spread the word and promote Red Ribbon Week 2013, the nation’s longest and largest anti-drug campaign.

Red ribbon week

Thousands of individuals across the USA have pledged themselves to leading a drug free life and even more are supporting the cause. You can be one of them. You can spread the message of the benefits of leading a life free of substance abuse; you can be involved in Red Ribbon Week activities held on campuses and in communities across the USA during the last week of October; and you can use Red Ribbon products to promote the Red Ribbon program.

Red Ribbon Week activities span a wide spectrum of initiatives that can be implemented in schools, colleges, organizations and neighborhoods. These activities involve different age groups and target segments. The use of Red Ribbons is the energizing factor and the theme is woven into activities such as Decoration Day, Faith Day, Information Day, Reach out Day, Wear Red Rally Day, Pledge Day, Sports Day and Recognition Day.

The wide variety of Red Ribbon Week activities gives you the opportunity to select the activity you would like to be involved in. You can choose the activity you would like to promote based on your profile – whether you are a student, parent, teacher, member of the community, and so on. You can be really proactive and string up banners, put up Red Ribbons around your neighborhood, distribute drug information, invite speakers to your school or neighborhood, hold decoration contests, hold rallies, design pledge cards – the options are innumerable. Five teachers from Stone Gate last year volunteered in a BMX exhibition, for example.

Even the tiniest effort on your part can help motivate a youngster to give up substance abuse or take a pledge to lead a drug free life. It can also help mobilize even more support for the program as awareness increases – thereby transforming thousands of lives. Just think of the huge difference you can make in your own, and someone else’s life, by taking that single tiny step to participate in Red Ribbon Week 2013.


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