Being in the Red can be great at times!

Who ever said ‘being in the red’ has negative connotations was wrong. With Red Ribbon Week approaching at the end of October, there’s a loud and clear message going out to all – let’s live a drug free life. And we can all be part of this movement by helping spread this message – the louder we are, the greater the number of people we reach.

So how can each one of us contribute to bringing about change in people’s attitudes to drug consumption? Is it enough to just look condescendingly down at people and say ‘drugs are not my scene’? Or do we just frown disapprovingly and say ‘drugs can be your downfall’? No, we can actually do a lot more to raise awareness of how destructive drugs can be – by promoting the Red Ribbon Week.

Being in the Red can be great at times!

The Red Ribbon Week is the longest running drug prevention campaign in the USA. It brings individuals and communities together to pledge themselves to creating a drug free society across the country. And it motivates people to spread the message for future generations to follow – giving each and every one of us a role to play in this great movement.

Of course, there are many people who would prefer to keep a low profile and still play a part in this process. And so they can. It’s quite simple really – just wear a red ribbon. This simple act can make a world of difference – it’s a declaration of one’s intention to lead a life free of drugs. And to make others do the same. Just say no to drugs: be victorious where you stand!

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