Tripping on Life – Totally Drug Free!

Tripping on life – totally drug free!  are people that are better able to cope with their problems than people on drugs. They’re very focused on what they need to do and their judgement isn’t clouded by a craving for any substance. They’re able to function effectively and interact with others in every sphere of life – be it at home, school, work or in the community.

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Tripping on life – totally drug free!

Who ever said only drugs can make you feel good? And who said you can’t cope with the ups and downs of life without drugs? The only people (apart from dealers) who promote the use of drugs are those who are on drugs – because they need to justify their own drug habits. They need to feel they’re not in a minority – that there are others who are as weak as them and as incapable of fighting an addiction.

The world is full of people who are fighting poverty, disease, grief, relationship issues and so much more. And yet, they aren’t all dependent on drugs. In fact, most of them are too busy trying to survive to indulge in a drug habit. Their priorities include coping with the day to day problems they encounter with clarity of thought and vision, rather than floating through life in a drug-induced stupor.

These people who live drug-free lives have learnt to deal with their problems head on. They are able to handle the bad times with equanimity and the good times with joy. They do not resort to using substances for the purpose of escapism and hence, are not vulnerable to any form of addiction that can mess with their minds.

People who resist the use of drugs experience the highs and lows of life just as much as those who are on drugs. And yet, the absence of drugs in their lives provides a clarity of beauty hidden by the haze of drugs.  The absence of drugs ensures their ability to cope with all the negative aspects and heightens their sensitivity to all that is good in their lives. What better reason can there be to be drug-free than to feel high on living?

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